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The trusted business consultant in your pocket

Coming Soon...
KOTAD is a business support tool tailored to the needs of Neurodivergent people



We want you to shine and achieve your business goals. Our mission is to ensure you have the tools that help you to start or grow your business, and to help you achieve the success you deserve.


KOTAD is in development and we're busy building it behind the scenes. At the moment we would love your input... What would you like to ask KOTAD first? Click here to tell us: Ask KOTAD

When it's built, KOTAD will let you ask questions about starting or growing your business.  You can ask about the things that are worrying you, the things you don't know how to describe in 'business language', the things that you feel you should already know but nobody has ever explained to you.


You can treat KOTAD like a real person - a trusted consultant in your pocket who you can ask for help at any time.


KOTAD will let you choose your themes and will be compatible with screen readers and other accessibility tools. It will also let you choose the format your results are shown in (for example, you will be able to ask for video with captions, bullet point summaries, and more).  

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If you'd like to be the first to hear when KOTAD goes live, enter your name and email address here to be added to our mailing list. We won't use your details for anything else

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